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‘You have to try to both fulfil and

exceed your client’s expectations.

But firstly, you have to get to know them,

that’s when the creative dialogue begins’


Our Approach

Attention to Detail

Interior decoration is 20% inspiration; 30% experience; and 50% administration. To achieve something really good, you therefore need vision, understanding and diplomacy, underpinned by determination, effective management and sheer hard work.I like rooms to look as if they have evolved naturally over time - distinguished but comfortable; elegant yet understated



Giles Vincent

Giles Vincent is considered to be one of the most talented London-based designers of his generation…He has an acute visual sense, a truly holistic talent, and is also a superb draftsman: his drawings have been exhibited at the Royal Academy.


3.   Add Rigour, Detail

and Richness

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and project time keeping. We work to tight schedules and detailed timelines. Having signed off the design often months previously we are able to juggle things such as joinery, upholstery, furniture making and lighting design into a finely tuned schedule.

The Process

From Concept to Completion

First we listen, then we interpret these dreams and - importantly - we add rigour, efficiency and our trusted network of the best suppliers in the world. The alchemy of this mix creates homes that stand out because they are authentic representations of each and every client’s tastes and needs.

1.   First We Listen

The consultation phase is important because it sets the scene for the entire project. The client briefs us on the project, we talk through floor plans, lifestyle and aesthetics so that we fully understand the client’s needs.

2.   Then We Interpet Dreams

We take the brief from the client back to the studio where the team work with us on researching creative solutions and schemes for each space. A comprehensive presentation is put together covering all design aspects of the project and this is presented to the client.


4.   Create A Home That Stands Out 

We are rigorous in our approach to the final stages of any project. We oversee quality control, installation and styling of every single item down to the final doorknob, thereby turning what can be an arduous and stressful time into something supported and stress-free for our clients.

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